Uptown Shop Hop

poster that reads uptown shop hop jolly trolley, with illustration of a colorful, holiday-themed trolley

shop hop


Uptown Shop Hop was celebrating its 25th anniversary and needed an update this cherished holiday shopping event. Working within the parameters of the Uptown Grand Rapids, Inc. brand guide, LWG was able to create a look that stood out in the eclectic and artsy Uptown districts and honored the quirky, D.I.Y. spirit of the event. The 25th anniversary attendance numbers were the best in recorded history, including a spike in volunteering.

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"LWG was primarily hired to help us take the branding of a very long-standing and beloved (yet somewhat stagnant) event to its next level iteration, and completely delivered, to the point that we feel the work we did together is largely responsible for the measurable leaps and bounds we have experienced in both event awareness and engagement, two years running. The best part? Not only is the work LWG produced for us indefatigably excellent - it was also just simply the most fun ever, and easy to make happen together. The team also helped us create the most recent Annual Report collateral, which was the first time this deliverable was informative and yet really fun to read/digest. LWG 'gets' us!"

– Dana, Marketing and Comms


Client: Uptown GR Inc., City of Grand Rapids

Graphic Design: Dana Kroll

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