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We believe

smaller is better

We believe you don’t need a jumbo agency to take your brand to the next level. Our nimble number enables us to get rid of the bureaucracy and bloat that gets in the way of delivering pure, potent, unfiltered creativity. You’ll get our dedicated attention every step of the way.

Our model is intentionally built this way, so we can work with companies of all sizes. We plug in where you need us, and you get to skip all the extra agency fees. We are also expert collaborators and know TONS of great vendors to partner with for whatever special tactic you might need, including video, animation, 3D, VR, UX, and UI.

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Our values

at our core

words matter

As writers and strategists, we choose our words very carefully. And we believe your brand should, too. Each message – and how, where, and who you say it to – should be written with intention, purpose, and meaning.

make it fun, make it easy

There's enough hard stuff in this world. Why make work one of them? We wanna make your life EASIER as a creative director, marketer, biz owner, etc. And we promise to always bring enthusiasm, joy, and bright ideas to the space.

build our community

Think you can't afford us? Think again. We love working with small and mid-size businesses, especially ones in our own backyard, because they have so much heart! We offer special small biz and non-profit pricing.

honor the new KPI

The real "Key Performance Indicator?" Keeping People Inspired. If your words and art can keep your audience engaged, then you've won. Cuz, like, there's a lot to scroll through out there on the internet.

everyone is creative

Creativity is an innate human trait. Yes, we are experts... But there's no secret sauce or crazy magic to our creativity, other than listening to what you need. We believe that good ideas can come from anywhere. No gatekeeping allowed, girl boss!


our approach to work


We like to think of ourselves as “glass-half-full” kinda gals, even the face of adversity. Our default is to say, “Yup, we can do that for ya!” And then figure out how to make it happen.


And maybe a little unhinged at times, too. We’re not afraid to really GO THERE when we’re brainstorming. We avoid censoring ourselves, so that we can uncover the best ideas.


Unlike other ad agencies, we don’t subscribe to a “go away and be brilliant” model. We like to work alongside our clients, asking their opinions, gathering feedback, and checking in along the way.


We are conceptual thinkers, which means that we consider the full picture when solving a creative problem. And not just the picture, but its frame, how it hangs, and where it’s placed for maximum exposure.


We left the corporate ad world behind so that we can show up as ourselves at work every single day. And we believe that authenticity is what makes our work have heart.


Sure, you could use ChatGPT or some other AI tool to write some emails. But go ahead and do that and let us know how it works for you. Great creative that connects to your audience comes from a real human perspective. And robots don’t have HEARTS!

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Lydia VanHoven-Cook
Lydia VanHoven-Cook
Creative Director + Copywriter

Lydia is the owner and creative director of Lydia Writes Good. And, you're not gonna believe this, but she does most of the writing, too. Before starting what she thought would just be a freelance biz in 2020, Lydia worked her way up as a CW and ACD at boutique design shops, a global ad agency, and in-house at corporate. She's written for basically everything, including favorites like Cheez-It, Eggo, Meijer, Tazo, Scott TP, and the University of Illinois. And she's won over 50 industry awards for that work! Lydia also adjunct teaches at KCAD in the Graphic Design department and founded the Grand Rapids Feminist Film Festival. Whew!

good: obscure pop culture references, idioms, remembering song lyrics, hand-drawn typography
not good: being quiet, physical coordination, driving


Meagen Coburn
Meagen Coburn
Studio Manager + Strategist

Not only does Meagen ("Mayg-In") run ops for the studio, she's our Account Manager, Strategist, and moonlights as a CW and Proofreader. This GVSU grad has over 15 years of experience working as an AE and Operations Manager for some of the top ad agencies in the state. Meagen has deep experience in building evidence-based marketing plans and working within highly regulated industries, like financial institutions, education, healthcare, and manufacturing across the Midwest. And as if she wasn't busy enough with work, she's also a mama of two young boys, raising them in a historic home in Cherry Hill that she adores.

good: spreadsheets, community involvement, research
not good: doing things half-assed, sitting still, Ranch dressing


Lisa Pavia
Lisa Pavia
Graphic Designer + Illustrator

Lisa is our graphic design and illustration go-to. There's nothing this girlie can't do, including brand creation, ideation, production, large-scale event design, logos, painting murals, and even a little bit of printmaking. After graduating from KCAD in 2016, Lisa worked in-house, agency-side, and as a freelance designer. After a few years in the design field, she attended an illustration residency program at NYC's School of Visual Arts to refine her skills. In addition to all the design magic, Lisa brings an infectious laugh and fun attitude to the studio. And a strong love for Ziggy.

good: supporting local business, coffee shops, vintage
not good: shying away from color


Ziggy Starpup
Ziggy Starpup

Although he's not officially on the payroll, Ziggy is a very important part of the LWG team. He is chauffeured into the studio almost every day by his mom (Lydia) to provide a little fun and a lot of fluff to the space. And because he always get this question: Ziggy is a Pomsky, part Pomeranian, part Husky and weighs a whopping 15 pounds. He spends most of his work day lounging on the couch upfront and waiting for clients to come in, so he can greet them. He's been named "Employee of the Month" more times than we can count.

good: ball, sniffs, treats from the jar, napping on the couch, client meetings
not good: loud noises, vacuuming, the mail slot


doing it right

Lydia Writes Good believes that diversity, equity, and inclusion are more than just buzzwords or a legal framework – they are principles to live by.

We are committed to fighting for justice and believe that activism is just that: active. We pledge to use our creative talents and monetary resources to uplift those in the margins and are dedicated to creating positive change within our workplace, the advertising industry, our community, and the world.

We value and encourage difference within our organization and aim to work with a diverse set of contractors and clients who are equally as dedicated to the fight for progress.

We believe that all employees, contractors, and clients should feel a sense of belonging – regardless of their race, religion or belief, gender identity, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, sexual orientation, disability, or background.

We are unapologetically feminist.
We are anti-racist and do not tolerate racism.
We encourage free expression of gender identity.
We embrace bodies of all sizes.
We respect all religions and their right to practice.
We welcome everyone from all walks of life.
We are inclusive of all lifestyles.
Everyone is welcome, and celebrated, at Lydia Writes Good.

See full DEI statement
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