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making sense out of the nonsense

People have called us an ad agency, a branding boutique, a copywriting house, an add-on to their marketing department… But the basis of what we do is to simplify complex marketing problems into super-strategic, bold-as-hell, totally-innovative, words-first creative.

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brainstorming and big ideas

AKA, campaigns and concepts. This can be the red thread that runs through your entire brand. Or it can be a singular ad campaign that launches a product, repositions your brand, defines your differentiator, etc. And not only can we come up with all the ideas, we'll execute them, too!

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good copywriting for every touchpoint

Voice and tone is often overlooked when defining a brand or campaign. Or even worse, a job left to AI. Customers are demanding that your brand has a distinct POV that they can uniquely connect with. And that's why we believe brand voice and tone is probably the most important thing you can invest in. So, once that's on lock, we can write (and have written) literally everything, including TV spots, websites, brochures, white papers, social media, product descriptions, manifestos, and the list goes on.

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branding that's more than just a logo

We start the branding process by disco-ing with you to gather the info we need to level-set your brand with our guiding document: the almighty brand blueprint. Once we get aligned on your values, voice, purpose, and promise, we can begin to hone in on your unique brand voice and design language. This can include tactics like a logo, fonts, color palette, graphic elements, Canva templates, illustrations, and more.

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colorful design with a human heart

It's easy for your brand to get overlooked in between the hundreds of ads begging for your customer's attention. But that's where bold, on-brand design comes in. Paired with killer copy, it's a like a one-two-punch, straight to your consumer's cerebral cortex. We use big color, hand-drawn elements, interesting layouts, thoughtful art direction, trend-forward design, and custom illustrations to bring a human element that can truly connect with your potential customer.

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with strategy to support them all

art direction • articles • blogs • brand audits • case studies • client presentations • community management • creative direction • custom hand lettering • logo creation • graphic design •  group brainstorming • pitch decks • press releases • product naming • project reports • radio and TV scripts • SEO keywords • set styling • social strategy • tagline generation • video treatments • 
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Our process

process makes perfect


Hi, hello, how are you? Do the vibes match? Are we right for each other? How can we help you? This can look like an in-person meeting, a Zoom call, a phone call, or a couple of emails – and typically ends with us sending you a proposal.


Every project starts with a party! “Disco” is short for “discovery,” so we’re gonna ask you a ton of questions, dig in, and define the project by really listening to you. During this eye-opening phase, we will often do exercises like mood boarding, word clouds, Post-Its, and other fun activities to uncover that creative gold.


Here’s where we really put pen (or Apple Pencil) to paper. We’re creating, concepting, crafting, typing, designing, and all that jazz. Ideas begin to take shape visually and verbally; we’re getting into the work. This can look like a deck with concept directions, logo sketches, color palettes, ad mockups, website wireframes, and lots, lots more.


Production mode: ON. Concepts and mockups become reality, and we begin to make things really real. We’ll gather the specs for media placements and start making your campaign or new brand a reality! Outcomes of this phase could be final logo versions, ready-to-go billboard designs, post-able Instagram posts, final videos, a ready-to-be coded website, etc.


It looks great, it sounds great, but does it perform? We don’t wanna just leave you hanging… We want to know if what we did for you is actually working! We’ll gather analytics, do some tests, and see how things work.

Serving our clients
it's all custom for you

We use our process to guide us and help us signpost – but, outside of that, there's nothing that's rinse-and-repeat about what we do. We approach each client and brief as a unique problem to solve. We believe your project deserves the same time, energy, and dedication from US that YOU put into it. So, let's get to work!

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project and services

Do you do more than just writing?
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We focus on words, but we do design, art direction, and strategy, too! We just take a little different angle from typical ad agencies, putting more emphasis on the copywriting piece of the creative equation.

What’s your pricing like?
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We believe in pricing transparency, but because each project is custom, we have to quote it that way. Branding projects start at a minimum of $5,000 and go up from there. We are happy to chat through any questions you may have about pricing in a 1:1 call.

I need help, but I don’t know what I need!
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That's okay! It happens way more than you think. (And it's why you work with an expert in the field, like us.) We're happy to talk it out with you and help you figure out the problem we need to solve.

Can you work with my existing brand?
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We definitely can! If you have a strong brand voice and a design framework for us to work within, then we're happy to jump in and write or design for your brand!

What if I don’t see what I need in your services?
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Well, just send us a message! We are a very seasoned team of creatives, so we may have done something like what you need in the past. And if we don't do it, then we probably know someone who does!

I’m not sure I have the budget to work with you as a small biz or non-profit.
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We love working with small businesses and non-profits. We offer special pricing for our small biz and non-profit friends because that's how much we like you! And if you have a budget in mind, tell us! We can usually find a way to accommodate you.

Can you ghostwrite for my project?
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Sure! We offer concepting, copywriting, and content services to other agencies and can work as a silent partner if you'd like. Check out our Agency Partners page for more information.

I just need a logo. Is that doable?
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The short answer is: no. We believe that building a brand is much more than just whipping up a cool logo. We need the "why" behind the logo to really make it say something... And if you're not willing to invest in a brand blueprint at the very least, then we're not gonna be on the same page.

Do you design websites?
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We do! And we write them, too. We just don't do development – unless it's for a simple Squarespace or Shopify site, so we'll need to pair you with a developer. (But we've got reccos!)


Do you have an office space?
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We do! We're located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, in the Midtown neighborhood at the corner of Diamond and Innes. Our address is 956 Innes St NE #1, Grand Rapids, MI 49503.

Would y'all ever come do a work session or talk with my department, group, biz, etc.?
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For sure! We love to teach. (Lydia was a professor of Graphic Design at KCAD for a couple of years.) And we love to work through problems with you. Send us an email if you've got questions!

Do you ever partner or work with other agencies?
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Totally! We do ghostwriting or shadow work for other ad agencies. If you're interested in that service, you can click on over to our Agency Partners page to learn more.

I want to work for you. How can I do that?
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Send us an email with your portfolio! We're always looking for freelancer copywriters and designers to help with overflow.

Didn't I purchase a sticker from you before?
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Probably! We do sell merch, like stickers, prints, cards, mugs, etc., but we're taking a little break from that right now. In the future, we hope to launch a shop on our site and reactivate our Etsy! We do pop up at art markets around West Michigan every once in awhile, so be on the look out for that! Instagram is the best place for updates on this kind of thing.

process and timing

How soon can we get started?
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Usually within a week or two! We need a little time upfront to put together a proposal and then get your sign off. But after that, we're off to the races! We try our best to accommodate you and your timeline, even if it's a rush.

How long does the process usually take?
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It really depends on the project! Some can take four weeks, others can take six months or longer. We can work fast, or we can take it slow. Whatever works best for you and your team.

Will you sign an NDA?
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We'll wanna read over it, but we usually have no issues with signing an NDA.

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