Started as an experimental farmers market offering in February 2020, Basalt quickly grew into Grand Rapids’ best little Tex-Mex brunch spot. Steven Martinez, owner and operator of Basalt, built his restaurant’s menu based on his heritage, including flavors from Mexico, Texas, and Michigan. We used this unique combination as our inspiration to build the brand by combining Southwestern iconography with Midwestern sensibilities. And because the cuisine is so original, we couldn’t just use an old font or illustrations – so, we designed one custom for Basalt. Anybody up for tacos?

Big Idea


Basalt exists to build community through food by creating a top-tier Tex-Mex breakfast, brunch, and lunch experience for our Eastown neighborhood and the city of Grand Rapids.


At Basalt, we allow our customers and community to bring their whole selves to the table to indulge in our carefully crafted, cross-cultural cuisine.

Before and After
Custom hand-drawn font
Custom illustrations


Enamel pins and sticker pack



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"The team at LWG were true partners as we engaged in a complete brand overhaul. They were thoughtful, inquisitive, and best of all, extremely enthusiastic about seeing our brand grow into something distinctive and special. I felt like I was working with folks who loved our brand as much as I do, and I don't think there's any other team that could have delivered the care and quality that they did."

– Steven, Owner


Client: Basalt

Vinyl: Fresh Coast Signs & Graphics

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