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plays well with others

We know good copywriters are few and far between, especially ones that specialize in concepting, ideation, and clever headlines. And that's what we do! We're all about boosting each other up rather than competing for the same stuff. So, let us help you write some killer copy for your clients.

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Our Services

bringing big ideas and quick content

We can plug right into your team, acting as a partner to an Art Director. Or we can help facilitate a brainstorm and guide your team through the concepting process. (Lydia literally taught a course on this at KCAD.) Or we can be total ghostwriters, just doin' our thang in the background. We're here to support you in whatever capacity is needed.


praise from agency partners

Us creatives are a hard bunch to impress. But we've passed the test with flying colors! Our work is usually BTS when we work through your shop, but the love is loud, baby.

"LWG has been our company's voice to our community of friends, clients, partners and fellow citizens through our social media and site. They've made our services friendly and approachable, bringing a grounded human tone to the work we do in the digital space."

Mike, Creative Director + Owner @ CARNEVALE

"Holy f*ck! These are all so f*cking good. Loveeeee love loooooove all options. I will go with your choice. Fantastic work. I am thrilled."

Wendy, Former Creative Director @ Kantor-Wassink

"Thank you for all your great work. The client presentation went really well. Even with six people on the client call, all three ideas were resonating for various reasons."

Jon, Creative Director @ Brand Haven

"I had A LOT of fun collaborating with Lydia Writes Good. Their empathy-driven leadership and design approach made the entire process productive and enjoyable."

Emily, Program Lead @ Michigan Founders

"Lydia provided connection and trust every step of the way, which filled our processes with ease."

LJ, Marketing Director @ Funky Buddha


can we match wits?

Are we the right copywriting partner for you and your agency? We've been doin' this for a long time and have thick skin. So, whatever you throw our way, we can handle. Here's a little insight into how we work with creative partners:


There's never enough time, is there? We're no strangers to a tight timeline. And we know how to work the creative process quickly.


Lydia has worked as a CW for over 15 years at small shops, big agencies, and on in-house marketing teams. So, it's super easy to plug into your way of working.


In addition to working everywhere, Lydia has worked on tons of clients in lots of different sectors, including B2B, B2C, Cannabis, CPG, Financial, Fortune 500, Higher Ed, Legal, Nonprofit, Service-Based, and lots more.


Lydia alone has won over 50 industry awards for her work, including Best in Show and Judge's Choice at the ADDYs and an Effie.


We're not afraid to really go there. Removing the filter when brainstorming empowers us to not censor ourselves, so we can think bigger.


We don't need to do it our way. We're happy to work with you how it best works, for you and your team! We can lead or follow, just let us know.


our 5-step process


Hi, hello, how are you? Do the vibes match? Are we right for each other? How can we help you? This can look like an in-person meeting, a Zoom call, a phone call, or a couple of emails – and typically ends with us sending you a proposal.


Every project starts with a party! “Disco” is short for “discovery,” so we’re gonna ask you a ton of questions, dig in, and define the project by really listening to you. During this eye-opening phase, we will often do exercises like mood boarding, word clouds, Post-Its, and other fun activities to uncover that creative gold.


Here’s where we really put pen (or Apple Pencil) to paper. We’re creating, concepting, crafting, typing, designing, and all that jazz. Ideas begin to take shape visually and verbally; we’re getting into the work. This can look like a deck with concept directions, logo sketches, color palettes, ad mockups, website wireframes, and lots, lots more.


Production mode: ON. Concepts and mockups become reality, and we begin to make things really real. We’ll gather the specs for media placements and start making your campaign or new brand a reality! Outcomes of this phase could be final logo versions, ready-to-go billboard designs, post-able Instagram posts, final videos, a ready-to-be coded website, etc.


It looks great, it sounds great, but does it perform? We don’t wanna just leave you hanging… We want to know if what we did for you is actually working! We’ll gather analytics, do some tests, and see how things work.

Working Together

so what now?

Need us to bolt on hourly? Or quote a project within your existing scope? Either way, we're happy to play ball. Let's have an honest dialogue about how we can work together. Smash that button below to send us an email.

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