Hush Puppies

Foot Hug


As the world changed over the COVID-19 outbreak, so did the consumer mindset. No one wanted to wear stiff, brown leather shoes anymore, which is what Hush Puppies was known for. So, the brand retooled their product, adding the comfiest, coziest tech they could. With a new product in hand, Hush Puppies needed a big idea campaign to launch the new product. And we landed on Foot Hug: like a hug, but for your foot. Hugging perfectly conveyed the feeling of the new product and felt breakthrough in a world where hugging was basically illegal. Hush Puppies'  sales grew exponentially – by 200% YOY to be exact, eventually landing them a sought-after deal with DSW.

Big Idea

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"Lydia Writes Good has partnered with Hush Puppies to bring our product and brand campaigns to the next level. Working with Lydia and her team feels like a true partnership. Lydia is so creative, strategic, hardworking and hilarious. She immediately got our brand voice and was able to bring it to life through strategy, concepting and copywriting. Our work together helped our brand tell better stories with more robust campaigns and more out of the box ideas. Working with Lydia is fun, inspiring and feels like she is a natural extension of our internal team."

– Laura, Creative Director


Client: Hush Puppies, Wolverine Worldwide

Creative Director: Andrea Vaughn

Art Director: Laura Zuzelski

Brand Strategist: Rose Fullbright

Photo: Grace Rivera

Video: Chop & Hue

Copywriting: LWG

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