Midwest House



Midwest House is a global showcase of top Midwestern talent, creativity, and innovation that takes place annually at SXSW. Serving as a venue for to network, discover, and disrupt the “flyover country” stereotype, Midwest House takes over a bar for five days on one of the busiest streets during SXSW, surrounded by brand activations, like HBO, Amazon Prime, Peacock, and more. LWG worked to elevate the Midwest House brand to be able to compete with these big-ass brands – on a little-ass budget. We designed the activation from top-to-bottom, both in the physical space and online. And in 2023, Midwest House was rated as one of the “Top Venues to Visit” at SXSW. How ‘bout that for flyover country?

Big Idea

Custom Midwest-based illustrations



Stage design and event activation

Midwest Drive: Video Series in Partnership with Rivian

To prove that the Midwest is not just flyover country, we partnered with our sponsor, Rivian, and filmmaker Spencer Elliot-Hair to highlight discussions with innovative, creative, and entrepreneurial Midwest House partners to learn more about how the Midwestern mindset has helped shape their lives, career, and impact. See the series on Youtube.



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"Working with Lydia Writes Good is like a warm hug, a jolt of serotonin, and an instant mood booster. They provide blow-your-hair-back creative and out-of-this-world ideation alongside absolutely pro project management and strategy. In case you didn't catch my drift - they are a team of rare gems. They show up pumped and ready to be true partners and collaborators. They always throw in a lil extra idea or concept that goes the extra mile and delivers extra value. Their work has helped Midwest House significantly grow our brand awareness and stand out in the crowd. I can't say enough good things about the LWG team - they are a dream!"

– Jamie, Operations Manager


Client: Midwest House

Operations: Jamie Kirby

Spatial Design: Peter Jacob

Merch: The Oddest Co.

Event Production: Amy Nieuwsma

Video, Photo: Handcar

Event Signage: Fastsigns

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