Oberon Eclipse

oberon, too


With the wild success of their summer seasonal wheat ale, Oberon, Bell’s Brewery needed something to fill that shelf space during the colder months, too. Enter the first ever brand extension of Oberon: Oberon Eclipse. There was a lot of balance here, especially when dealing with such a beloved brand. Our campaign needed to answer a lot of questions. What does Oberon Eclipse taste like? How’s it different from the original? When is it sold? Is it new? Why make a winter Oberon? Our hardworking launch campaign boosted awareness of the new beer, informed drinkers on the flavor, and sales outperformed all anticipated benchmarks. Cheers, y’all!

Big Idea

oberon, too

How do you follow a 30-year legend with a cult following? Well, you know what they always say, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” So, we didn’t.

There’s nothing that’s wildly different about our new Oberon. In fact, it’s a complement to the O.G. Obie. It’s the same great wheat beer taste. It’s still citrusy. And it’s only available seasonally. But we’ve amped up the orange. Added some coriander. And made it the perfect citrus wheat beer for cold days and long nights.

What’s so different about Oberon Eclipse? Well, not too much actually. And that’s kinda the beauty of it.


oberon eclipse outside posters covered partially in dark shadow



billboard of oberon beer reading sunshine with a lighter background, and moonlight with the new flavor Oberon eclipse on a dark background



oberon store placard
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"LWG is a dynamic, fun and high energy team that brings fresh creative thinking and incredible writing to the table. We loved working with them so much [on Oberon], we also asked them to support our first-ever Oberon brand extension: Oberon Eclipse. The team did everything from packaging copy, to glow-in-the-dark OOH, to campaign work, to video/photo shoots for our social channels. The Oberon Eclipse launch was also a great success, outperforming anticipated benchmarks."

– Carly, Senior Brand Manager


Client: Bell's Brewery, New Belgium Brewing

Video Production: Chop & Hue

Animation: James Noellert

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